End user support & services

Your end users can face several issues and need timely assistance to maintain productivity at optimum levels. GloTech’s end user support services provide an integrated set of tools which help resolve end user issues. These end user services provide preventive, self-enablement and assisted support technologies as well as onsite support designed to provide one-on-one assistance to users. Leveraging these end user support toolsyou can reduce the number of IT help desk support requests and reduce the duration of help desk calls to bring down costs, improve productivity and end user satisfaction levels.

The ability to avoid end user issues even before they arise helps simplify support organization, manage expenses by avoiding escalating costs associated with multiple service desks and achieve greater system reliability and availability.

End User Support Services (EUSS)

Our mission is to lower costs and improve the overall productivity and satisfaction of end users. We provide responsive, seamless and high quality support services by working collaboratively with other IT support areas and third party vendors.

Service Desk Support:

Service Desk agents are the first, and single point of contact for internal or external end users seeking hardware, or software technical assistance. Inquiries and request are escalated and owned by the service desk.

Desk Side Support:

Installs, repairs, changes and performs preventative/corrective maintenance of PCs and related software/hardware. This team takes care of all activities that would require on site presence; serving also as the second level of escalation for the service desk.

The GloTech Advantage

GloTech understands the issues faced by businesses& organizations and is committed to making its global expertise and resources available to help you provide your end users and employees with an efficient IT support for enhancing their productivity by reducing their system downtime and addressing their requirements without any undue delay. Enhanced employee productivity is directly proportional with business growth. At GloTech we are able to leverage our global factory model to deliver quality and consistency using proven and predefined solutions which ensures your success.